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About Maria Gialouraki

She is born in Thessaloniki on 19th September 1977 where she lives and works.She is married and has a little baby girl called Hermioni,which is also the inspiration for the projects.





Mythology and Art in Education : Experimential and Alternative Approach - National and Kapodistrian University Of Athens . 

2017 -Present

Faculty of humanities and social Studies-Theatre Studies Postgraduate Programme,Open university of Cyprus. 


Stage and costume design -National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


CALARTS-California Institute Of Arts -Verified Certificate with distinction course title "Live!A History of Arts for Artists,Animators and Gamers"

Graduate of the Fine and Applied Arts Department of the school of fine Arts -Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,under the superivision of G.Golfinos graduate degree work 9.71
Graduate of the NationalOrganisation Of Tourism Education an training in Thessaloniki
Graduate of the Graphic Design Department of the private vocational training "Pythagoras"


Group exhibitions

2019 "Art event Emilia'"French Institute of Thessaloniki .Greece

2019 "Art teachers creations'French Institute of Thessaloniki ,Greece

2014   "2011-2014 graduates FFA  " MMCA Thessaloniki ,Greece

2014 “Bread Basket” Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC Edmonton, Canada

2013 "Un seul grain de riz" - " A single grain of rice" Galerie Metanoia Paris ,France

2013 "London Art Biennale " Chelsea Old Town Hall London,UK  

2012 "Transform 2012"-"Pandora's Box" Telloglio institution Thessaloniki,Greece

2011 "In Art" Zina Athanassiadou Gallery Thessaloniki,Greece

2011 " Epsilon Art Festival "Korinth,Greece


Honourable Mention for Artistic Merit London Art Biennale 2013



Aesthetica magazine





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