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About my project

The research framework of individual identity in this painting installation was settled through the process of fiction.
More specifically, as a starting point, I used the work "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, primarily because it is one of the most beloved tales. It is one of the masterpieces of world children's literature, written in the 19th century, with the main character a girl falling into a rabbits hole, being in a fantasy world where everything is upside down and strange.
In wandering encounters she meets various anthropomorphic creatures, like the authoritarian "Queen of Hearts", the permanently belated "white Rabbit ", the "mad hatter"-which is the only man in the whole history,the "Cheshire Cat".The Depending allegory and then generally the lack of logic, and the successive changes in the body of Alice, results multilevel analysis and explanation of the project. So because of all the foregoing, the fictional narrative is not addressed only to children but to adults as it has an extensive analysis. Asking questions and reviews for the then perceptions, the heroine searches for the identity of the prime repressed Victorian society, symbolism, language often puzzles and the events taking place are undoubtedly review at that time and beyond.
Putting all this into account, in general I would say that the whole deal of work goes back to a very personal approach, with a strong sense of the game, or even specifying the riddle-like problem with the synthesis and fragmentation of the picture on the definition of the puzzle. My goal then was to gather the pieces to give a complete picture of variable dimensions compared with the narrative of the images or not sometimes. The individual viewer is encouraged to travel in his own weird world, sometimes giving a sense of joy and euphoria, sometimes arrogance and irony, depending on the experiences and mental condition and interprets it as he wishes.

This is a typical sample of my latest work. The total size of this synthesis is 7.00mx2,00m.It contains many pieces of canva 20cmx20cm like a puzzle. 

materials: acrylic,acrylic ink,permanent marker,plasticine,paper,foam paper,fabric.

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